Welcome Great British Entrepreneur Awards to your supporting material for  Carolyn Cleveland

Organisation: C&C Empathy Training Ltd

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Hello, I am Carolyn Cleveland and this specific page and has been created to offer some supportive video material to accompany my application for the the Great British Entrepreneur Awards. The videos demonstrate how I present my training and business, so you will get the opportunity to see me in action and what makes my business a little different from my competitors.


As part of my business growth, I am developing a hybrid version/e-learning version and these videos were created as part of this vision. 

This page includes:

  • Video 1: The introduction

  • Video 2: Some things for those attending to bear in mind - to understand the business approach more

  • Video 2: The Learning Narrative -  My story, showing the presence and absence of empathy and vulnerability, for those attending to feel, recognise and understand their own empathy. This sits at the core of my business and why I have developed my business and training approach as I have. 

VIDEO 1: Introduction 

Duration: 7.15 minutes

VIDEO 2: Things to bear in mind

Duration: 1.54 minutes

 VIDEO 3: Learning Narrative - story

Duration: 23.35 minutes

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The BE-HUMAN Model

This document was written at the beginning of the pandemic as a free resource for the wellbeing of organisations I had worked with for staff dealing with challenging situations, to recognise their own self care. However it has contributed also to my business growth. 

Please note, these videos are not for public circulation and this page has been created simply to assist the judges on the Great British Entrepreneur Awards