• Carolyn Cleveland

NHS Poem

One of the pleasures of doing the work that I do around, empathy, compassion, emotional awareness and of course the human connection, is that I do in fact connect with those I have the pleasure of meeting.

When delivering training to a lovely group of people from NHS England in February this year, one of the ladies, who I happily now call a friend, shared with me a poem she wrote back in 2010, which was beautiful. She has just used her eloquence with words again and written one specifically about the NHS at this time. This poem is now being widely shared within NHS England for staff and she has kindly given me permission to share it too. Thank you Natasha Field.

NHS Poem

The greatest asset in life is our health, It is the best indication of our personal wealth. The thing which makes Britain truly great, Is the NHS which serves our sovereign state. As the world struggles with Covid-19 and people live or sadly die, The NHS will always be the apple of our eye. There are so many heroes amongst our healthcare fighters, Who shine through this country like a concert filled with lighters. They work long and complex hours to save people’s lives, To provide support for loved ones including children, husbands and wives. The NHS is an organisation which stands by your side, Working with them fills me with such absolute pride. Every NHS employee has so much talent to give, Making sure everyone in this country has the chance to live. Thank you NHS for everything that you do for us every single day, You really are a sunshine ray. This country is blessed to have the NHS and their special touch, To us all, you truly mean so very much. Natasha C Field 16th April 2020

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