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Training sessions 

For all public, private, corporate and charitable organisations
wishing to foster empathy and well-being in their practice and culture.

Whether you wish to incorporate empathy and emotional awareness in your staff and customer/client well being, to recognise and work with vulnerable people, particularly important during and following COVID-19, Incorporate empathy in your leadership development and compassionate culture, or in your complaints/customer service process,


These courses, worth 5 CPD hours, are specifically adapted to address challenges faced by both staff, managers, and people using your services, particularly communicating with those in vulnerable positions.  


The below courses are for all organisations (public, private and charities) wishing to learn more about how empathy and emotional awareness can not only improve the experience of those who use their services but understand why and how they can have a positive impact on outcomes, well being, and empathically intelligent practice.

A Journey Through Complaints (Customer Service) Using Empathy


IDEAL FOR:  All those working with members of the public, often vulnerable, within concerns, complaints and client/customer experience

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'I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.' Mary Angelou

DESCRIPTION: This one-day course is for all professionals who wish to gain confidence and insight into handling complaints in an empathetic and compassionate way. They will improve how they approach emotive and difficult conversations and recognise vulnerability and the emotion often behind complaints. What people are really saying? Delegates will learn how to recognise and gain vital 'emotional data'. They will take an emotive and a humourous look at what can get in the way of empathy in complaints and customer service and the importance of seeing the whole picture and self care.


  • Understand, feel, analyse and explore the presence and absence of empathy,  individually and culturally, developing understanding of the impact of being listened to or not, identifying vulnerability.

  • Seeing perspectives, the fuller picture, and understanding emotional motivations within behaviour and behind a complaint and how easily we all see things differently.                         

  • Learn how the ‘funnel of life’  can impact on our empathic communication and our resilience, and how our emotions influence us, impact on others and get in the way of empathic communication.

  • Build confidence in knowing what empathy is and what it isn’t, to be skilled to use it in a reasoned way, but create the optimum mindset for a personalised approach in responding to a complaint. 

  • Identify and explore the difference between empathy, sympathy and apathy in challenging situations.

  • Explore and analyse biases and judgments and recognise how lack of empathy and biases in one-on-one encounters has the potential to cause psychological harm. Understand that concept of SafeguardedPersonal Resolution   (SPR ®)


"Very good training from start to finish. The way the training was delivered from Carolyn's experience allowed the 'human' approach which underpins empathy."

Complaints Manager

A Journey Through Leadership Using Empathy


IDEAL FOR: All those in leadership or management roles and want to improve their interactions skills and human connection skills with their workforce, nurture well being and improve their own self care

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“Studies comparing superb leaders with mediocre ones have found that the competencies that distinguish the best form the worst in human services have little or nothing to do with medical knowledge or technical skill and everything to do with social and emotional intelligence. Of course medical knowledge matters for healthcare leaders – but it’s a given. What distinguishes leaders in medicine, goes far beyond that knowledge, into interpersonal skills like empathy, conflict resolutions and people development.”

Daniel Goldman. 

A study by Development Dimensions International found that of more than 15,000 leaders in 18 countries workers who master empathy make the most successful leaders.  It cited empathy as the No. 1 skill of a great leader

DESCRIPTION: This one-day course examines, in a unique, thought provoking and human way, the important role empathy and emotional awareness plays in inclusive leadership, staff well-being and productivity, and what erodes it. Delegates will develop understanding of the psychology of emotionally focused thinking and outcomes and learn essential skills to understand and implement effective relationship focused work, underpinned with empathy and emotional development.


  • Who are we? Understanding & developing the human connection

  • How to identify and understand emotionally focused thinking and practice and people focused leadership

  • Explore how a lack of empathy in one-on-one encounters has the potential to cause psychological harm, how to respond to others using empathy

  • How to cultivate empathy and inclusive leadership- communicate at a deeper level

  • Reinforce your existing empathy and gain the confidence to use your new skills to enhance the human connection and handle difficult conversations

  • Understand reflexive leadership and develop skills for staff well- being and productivity. Explore the concept of Safeguarded Personal Communication (SPC®)

  • Recognise how to manage empathy to prevent burn out and improve your own self care and staff retention and productivity

" Fantastic! I walk away with increased knowledge on empathy and how it affects us and those around us. Thought -provoking and emotive – in a good way!"

Senior clinician NHFT

A Journey Through Empathy and Emotional Awareness in Communication


IDEAL FOR: Organisations who wish to incorporate empathy and emotional awareness into how they communicate with those who use their service and each other, to improve well being

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“...tuning in to another person does more than give us an understanding of their view – it tells us how best to communicate with that person: what matters most to them, their models of the world...” Daniel Goleman

DESCRIPTION: A one-day course to develop a deeper level of communication, making sure empathy and emotional awareness is incorporated and embedded into practice. To approach interactions and thinking using an intelligent empathic approach. Delegates will develop a psychological understanding of themselves and others to best communicate with compassion and confidence. Suitable for all professionals wanting to reinforce their existing empathic attributes and develop a deeper understanding and skill base to continue their own emotional awareness and practice in professional and personal reflection.



  • Develop understanding of a real-life communication example, exploring the human connection and start to recognise where empathy an emotional awareness is absent and where it is present. Learn to recognise vulnerability.

  • How to identify and understand empathically focused thinking, power imbalances and communicating with care

  • How a lack of empathy and emotional awareness can impact negatively on an experience  and cause psychological harm.

  • Develop understanding of how empathy and emotional awareness underpins compassionate communication

  • How to manage empathy to prevent burn out and improve resilience

  • Understand empathic reflexive practice and how to use these skills for staff/personal well- being and productivity of empathy


“Absolutely one of the best training days I have been on... thank you Carolyn for sharing you experiences with us and for really making us think!”
Brian Watson, Welfare Officer at Racing Welfare

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