Supporting Staff & Difficult Conversations

In response to COVID-19 and all the wellbeing aspects that surround it, Carolyn Cleveland, founder of C&C Empathy Training, has produced her BE HUMAN Model to support staff working with people who are vulnerable, bereaved, and using their services.

Carolyn's training on empathy and emotional awareness has always had self-care embedded throughout it. Reframing some of our thoughts and self-compassion is even more vital than ever, professionally and personally. 

This free resource is designed to be used as either a one page BE HUMAN focus, or for people to read more deeply for more long term support. As with Carolyn's training, some of her other models from C&C Empathy Training's LEED Communication Programme® are included in this document, to help take some of the difficult emotions out of the textbook and into real-life understanding. She invites you to go on a journey with her to develop your skills and thinking for long term well being and support.

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Wellbeing development training days Delivered face to face or virtually

Empathy and the BE HUMAN Model 

Compassionately supporting staff in recognising their empathy, 
secondary trauma and their own well being

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the full day training programme 

Owing to the success of the BE HUMAN Model, the following wellbeing training and development day has been designed for staff to further gain understanding of their existing empathic abilities and the importance of self compassion and positive psychology.


Drawing on the BE HUMAN Model this development day supports staff to explore challenging emotions and to help protect against the impact on secondary trauma. Those attending will gain confidence in building connectivity with colleagues and skills to reframe personal challenging thoughts to build resilience and positivity. 

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