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BE HUMAN Training Session:
Developing Empathy, Emotional Resilience and Guarding Against Compassion Fatigue

This session can be delivered as a full or half day session, in person, or virtually

A training course to: Compassionately support staff to recognise their empathy, secondary trauma and their own well-being, to develop emotional resilience to guard against compassion fatigue and enhance their outlook with themselves and life.

Owing to the success of the original BE HUMAN Model, the following resilience, well-being and development training day has been designed for staff to further gain understanding of their existing empathic abilities when facing adversity. With focus on the importance of self compassion and positive psychology to develop emotional resilience and guard against compassion fatigue.


Drawing on the BE HUMAN Model and honest, real content from Carolyn, this development training day supports staff to explore facing adversity, challenging emotions, to help protect against the impact on secondary trauma. Those attending will gain confidence in building connectivity with their own emotions, colleagues and those using their services. They will develop insight and skills to reframe personal challenging thoughts to build resilience and positivity, putting their wellbeing at the heart of the training. 

Some key learning outcomes

  • Understand, feel, analyse and explore the presence and absence of emotional awareness, secondary trauma, and learning the importance of being able to understand different emotional experiences/trauma, managing adversity and recognising vulnerability and what resilience really is. The importance of personal boundaries when working empathically.

  • Learn how the ‘funnel of life’ can impact on our resilience, and how our emotions influence us, and impact on others.

  • Seeing perspectives, the fuller picture, and understanding emotional motivations within behaviour and how easily we all see things differently and have our own narrative about life and our optimum self. 

  • Recognise and identify secondary trauma and understand the difference between secondary traumatic stress and burnout. 

  • Develop self care, managing adversity, recognising the importance of how identifying our emotions and thoughts and expressing them, supports us. Along with the vital importance of laughter.

Take a look at some feedback from a previous session
To find out more, just email Carolyn.
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BE HUMAN training day on empathy and resilience

"A wonderful opportunity -take if you can get it. Gentle but powerful session to look at myself in a non-intrusive way. Carolyn’s honesty, vulnerability and humour throughout helped me to see parts of myself, identify some of my not so helpful thinking and even change my mind all whilst caring for the person I am. My take way from the day- Self-awareness and self-compassion are beautiful gifts to self from which help to others can flow. Life learning not just for work. Thank you".  Nikki Patton, Housing Needs, Borough Council of Kings and Lynn West Norfolk

The BE HUMAN Model - a free resource to supporting staff & difficult conversations

In response to COVID-19 and all the wellbeing aspects that surround it, Carolyn Cleveland, founder of C&C Empathy Training, produced her original BE HUMAN Model to support staff working with people who are vulnerable, bereaved, and using their services.

Carolyn's training on empathy and emotional awareness has always had self-care embedded throughout it. Reframing some of our thoughts however, and self-compassion is even more vital than ever, professionally and personally. 

This free resource was designed to be used as either a one page BE HUMAN focus, or for people to read more deeply for more long term support. Some of her other training models from C&C Empathy Training's LEED Communication Programme® are included in this document, to help take some of the difficult emotions out of the textbook and into real-life understanding. 

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BE HUMAN resource for for managing empathy and self compassion in difficult times
Thoughful person
Stressed nurses
Stessed woman
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