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In Person Training Solution

There is nothing quite like being physically in the room to experience training, mingle and discuss content with colleagues and peers, to connect with over coffee and share experiences, and to get a break from your laptop! 

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Teacher and Student

CCET and Carolyn can deliver in house sessions directly to your organisation. This can really benefit team building and logistically, can be easier for staff to travel to.

Need to talk to someone about your training needs, please just email Carolyn

"I wanted to find an empathy trainer who could help us recalibrate and refocus our approach to handling complaints and reports of ASB with empathy. The training from Carolyn did exactly what we needed it to. The training was thought provoking, heartfelt, emotional, and personal and took those in attendance on a real journey of understanding what empathy really is and how we need to take care of ourselves in order to deliver services with a truly heartfelt empathetic approach."


Liz Smith. Head of ABS Stockport Homes

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