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How CCET can work with you and our courses

Do you need:

  1. Inspiring, empathy centred training sessions to foster compassionate engagement, psychological safety, civility, and a just, learning culture?

  2. An advisor to help you humanise your processes, improve customer experiences, or staff well-being?

  3. A thought-provoking, motivational, speaker to add that human element to your conference?


Whichever sector you work in, CCET can support you in various ways.


On this page, is an overview, BUT CCET's training is all about being humanso why not get in touch with Founder Carolyn Cleveland, and speak to her in person. 

Training & Development
Studying Online

Some of CCET's experiential sessions can also be completed via an immersive E-learning format

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Training is normally delivered in-house, either in person, or virtually.

Below are workshops, conference speaking and consultancy information.

A group of women at a business meeting

Where in-house training is not viable, CCET runs public sessions for individuals or small groups to attend. 

Training and Development Workshops
Full or half day sessions for groups of 8 to 20 people

Development workshops


Booking development training with C&C Empathy Training gives your organisation thought-provoking, interactive and immersive sessions. Carolyn facilitates the training day, providing her unique, powerful and authentic approach to learning. 

Benefits of workshops:

 • Intensive and interactive in a small, supportive learning environment, with all voices heard

•  In-depth narrative-based and experiential learning and evaluation, creating a greater chance of        long term behavioural culture change and well being

 • Assists with team building and challenging biases, particularly with multidisciplinary teams
 • Follow up support email within one month of training

“I really enjoyed having Carolyn come in to present her own personal experience of empathy which resonated well with our teams. It was refreshing to not only hear from outside of our sector, but also from someone who lives and breathes the subject they are talking about. Our teams found the day valuable and took a lot away from the session to explore the role of empathy in their own areas.”
Lee O’Neill, Customer Experience Implementation Specialist, TUI

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Conference Chairing and Key Note Speaking
Bringing the human element to your conference

Conference speaking

Conference speaking:

Motivational and human focused presentations on empathy and emotional awareness, well being and compassion, tailored to fit into multiple conferences. Carolyn Cleveland can provide sessions and chair conferences, that engage participants. Example conferences that Carolyn presents at include:

  • Civility 

  • Patient safety/experience - linking to PSIRF 

  • Meaningful and compassionate engagement

  • Leadership and creating an ethical culture

  • Complaints/Incidents - The new Complaints Standards

  • Inquests - the importance of being non-adversarial

  • Staff well-being and resilience

  • Customer experience/care and quality.  

  • Duty of Candour - remembering the person in the process

  • Martha's Rule

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Bring a unique, motivational and human element to you conference that brings empathy and experiences to life, promotes well being and compassionate practice. 

Consultancy work
Bespoke solutions and advisory role

Bespoke solutions


advisory role

Bespoke solutions & advisory role: 

Acting as a consultant on an ad hoc basis to provide tailored made solutions for the embedding of a more focused empathetic approach within the target organisation.
• Facilitate the knowledge transfer to enable the skill set of authentic empathy training to be transferred to in-house training facilities. Using an initial C&C Empathy Training workshop followed by facilitating and advising on tailored made training for the organisation to run. Collaborating with and supported by C&C Empathy Traini
ng to achieve meeting learning objectives.

• Report analysis and additions to support empathically focused policies and culture.
• Develop and facilitate tailor-made training to deal with specific issues that affect a particular organisation for example legal/healthcare/public services/customer service. To be delivered by C&C Empathy Training


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