"Being human....our shared commonality"

C&C Empathy Training Ltd (CCET) works with individuals and organisations who want to incorporate a more empathetic approach to enhance their practice. The founder Carolyn Cleveland comes from a background of counselling and psychology, this along with her lived experience, brings a unique approach to her work, impacting strongly with all those who hear her story.

"Carolyn combines significant professional and academic expertise with a truly delightful personality, set against the backdrop of heart breaking tragedy. I feel confident in saying that we can all learn something deeply important from her both professionally and personally. I am incredibly grateful to have crossed her path."

Keir Gill, Senior Manager, Compliance and Improvement. Arts Council England.



"For as long as I can remember, I have always been a strong communicator and believed passionately in empathy and that we have the power, through how we communicate, to make someone's life easier, or worse. 

Through a series of personal bereavements,  challenging uncompassionate processes and a background of counselling and psychology, I have lived and breathed both the presence and absence of empathy and emotional awareness. 


This was none more so than when I lost a child in patient safety circumstances in 2003 and went through a challenging complaints system and inquest process, at the most vulnerable time of my life. The well being of both myself and the staff appeared totally absent. My own  counselling training enabled me to analyse the emotions, fears, and biases involved that were impacting on an empathic culture being achieved. 


In 2006 I started to speak publicly about recognising the emotional experience and humanising processes. As I developed, I started to realise that my professional training, very challenging life events and my personality created a trio of attributes that enabled me to reach people on a deep level. I found that I was able to not only educate professionals, from the health service to legal teams but create a desire to engage with people better and understand their experiences and selves better.  


Recognising that organisations struggle over and over at demonstrating empathy, compassion and integrity, for both the people in their processes and their own staff, I committed to developing thought-provoking and honest training that reflects real human emotions. I pride myself on taking people on an experiential learning journey of empathy, emotional awareness, candour, and resilience, for use in leadership, complaints and general communication, to make all our lives a little better."