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As well as training teams, Carolyn Cleveland (founder of C&C Empathy Empathy Training,) can work with you to ensure empathy is incorporated and has a seat at your organisational table.

Carolyn works with staff and decision makers, and provides honest, unique and thought provoking insight to humanise policies, procedures, reports and reviews. Coming from a perspective of counselling and psychology and bringing personal experiences of being on the wrong side of restrictive and damaging policies, communication and behaviours, Carolyn can support your organisation to see and carry out Empathic Analysis and operate beyond compliance to support achieving a kind and compassionate culture.

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Empathic Response Analysis

Writing a response for an incident, investigation or complaint, relies on being open, honest and factual. These are vital components.


The other vital components and so often overlooked, are hearing, seeing and feeling the emotional data and experience and being able to respond to this.


CCET can work with you to read over reports and responses and support the authors to recognise some of the less obvious language used by all parties, to allow for more empathic, compassionate and meaningful communication. 

Empathic Review/Report Analysis

Whether at the executive board team level, or departmental level, reviewing policies and procedures is an ongoing process. 

Developing an empathic culture to empower staff to act in a fully empathic and compassionate way, comes from the values, vision and personality of the organisation. These values are manifested, interpreted and communicated through policies and procedures. 

CCET can review polices and add to reports to give analysis and qualitative feedback to support departments and organisations to humanise systems, recognise gaps and gain the confidence to produce policies that work for the people in the process rather than cause harm of conflict.

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