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CCET have worked with multiple healthcare providers, government and public bodies on small and large projects. 
Here are just a few of those.
Northamptonshire Healthcare Foundation Trust (NHFT)

C&C Empathy Training (CCET) have been working with NHFT since 2016, delivering on the Leadership Matters Programme. Delivering sessions to the executive team and across the workforce, working closely with the learning and development team. As part of the companies social value ethics, CCET also supports the trust in their own Carers Awareness sessions. CCET also works with their 'buddy' arrangement Trust, LPT

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Tees Esk and Wear Valley 

CCET was asked to deliver 4 sessions, to senior leaders, introduced by the CEO in 20220, about the importance of having meaningful engagement with those affected by incidents. CCET went on to deliver over 75 sessions, worked with the trust on bespoke training sessions, supported with facilitation and a PSIRF development programme. And in 2022-23 delivered 15 resilience sessions.

Coroner's Officers Training Programme

CCET worked with the former Chief Coroner, HHJ Mark Lucraft QC on placing families and loved ones at the heart of the inquest process by delivering sessions on the National Coroner's Officer's training in 2019.

The BE HUMAN model - a free resource developed by CCET at the beginning of the pandemic and an article written for the Counsel Magazine on Client Empathy - upskilling safely was sent out by the Chief Coroner to all coroners for well-being purposes.

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Ministry of Justice

Following on for the success of the Coroner's Officer's training programme, CEET delivered a complimentary session at a conference at the Ministry of Justice, to support less adversarial inquests. CCET was asked to deliver 20 full training sessions on empathy in leadership during 2020 and 2021. November 2023 see's CCET working with HM Courts and Tribunal services on this important topic.

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Liverpool University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

CCET delivered 6 full day sessions of A Journey Through Complaints and Incidents Using Empathy and Compassion following discussions with the trust concerning having more compassionate responses to complaints and incidents to understand the emotional component of all involved to prevent prolonged psychological harm (Duty of Candour). 

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Northumbria Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust

CCET works with Northumbria Trust on an ongoing basis on their Aspiring Leadership Programme and Strategic Leadership Programme, A Journey Through Leadership Using Empathy - creating psychological safety. Sessions have been successfully delivered face to face and virtually. The trust is looking into CCET's E-learning version focussed on complaints and incidents to use on a wider scale.

Borough Council of Kings Lynn & West Norfolk

CCET were approached to deliver a bespoke session  for the team working with those who are homeless/in a vulnerable position. On discussions however, well-being and burnout were also considering factors, so CCET's    BE HUMAN Programme - Developing empathy and emotional resilience   was delivered in person to support professional and personal development      and positive outlook.

Food Standards Agency

CCET worked with the Food Standards Agency around empathy to colleagues and creating a supportive workplace and developing well-being. A Journey Through Leadership Using Empathy was delivered to senior members of the team from England, Wales and Northern Ireland offices. Owing to COVID, all sessions were ran virtually.

University Hospitals of Derby and Burton NHS Foundation Trust

CCET has worked with this trust since 2015, with conferences and training sessions put on by NCORE (made available to other NHS providers also) Sessions run face to face, virtually and

E-learning on leadership, complaints and incidents and also resilience. CCET have delivered to all levels and is starting a programme in 2024 as part of the apprenticeship programme.

Stockport Homes

CCET was consulted about a training programme that would have authentic meaning to the organisation's antisocial behaviour teams, in the context of complaints, vulnerability and also staff well-being. CCET delivered 4 sessions back to back in 2022. Supporting also the work they do within their awards ceremony. And delivering further sessions in 2023.

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