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For all public, private, corporate and charitable organisations wishing to give their conference that authentic, human focused, emotive yet light-hearted edge. 

Conference speaking

Conference speaking:

Motivational and human focused presentations on:

• empathy

• emotional awareness

• civility and communication

• well-being

• compassion

Tailored to fit into multiple conferences and topics.

Can be delivered in person or live stream.

Example conferences themes that can be delivered in person or live stream, include.

  • Patient safety and patient experience

  • Complaints and incidents

  • PSIRF and the Duty of Candour

  • Compassionate Leadership - creating an ethical culture

  • Civility

  • Inquests - non-adversarial communication 

  • Staff well-being and resilience 

  • Customer experience and recognising vulnerability

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Bring a unique, motivational and human element to you conference that brings empathy and experiences to life, promotes well being and compassionate practice. 


​Need a chair for your conference?

As well as providing an engaging presentation, Carolyn can chair the day, drawing themes together and creating an energised day for participants.


A word from Founder of C&C Empathy Training Ltd, Carolyn Cleveland

“Step into the world of conference speaking with me, where my passion for empathy, civility, and emotional awareness will shine through every word. With infectious enthusiasm, a genuine openness to share real, honest vulnerability, and through personal stories interwoven with humour, I create an immersive experience with every audience. Together, let’s embark on a journey of learning, laughter, and profound, authentic connection."

"Carolyn presented to our healthcare team and clients on ensuring we deal with patients and their loved ones empathetically once an incident arises in a hospital setting. We all often assume we are being empathetic but it was very powerful to listen to Carolyn's case studies and personal experience and consider how we can all do so much better when managing an incident. Whilst obviously a sensitive subject it was delivered in an exceptionally powerful and interesting way. There is no doubt your training Carolyn, has assisted us in managing incidents in a more human and sensitive way which will be to the benefit of patients, their loved ones and staff".

Christopher Malla, Partner, Kennedys Law

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