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Elevate Your Learning with Convenient
E-Learning Training Solutions

With courses based on true stories and experiences, have the convenience and flexibility of our E-learning Training Solutions, designed to bring the feel of live virtual training directly to you. With anytime, anywhere access, you can learn at your own pace and on your own schedule.

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Lot 2 & Lot 4C

Perfect for organisations and professionals seeking to enhance empathy, emotional intelligence, and well-being, our immersive courses cover a range of essential topics, including compassionate engagement, civility, and effective communication.

Whether you're an individual looking to purchase a course or a large organisation seeking training for your staff, our immersive

e-learning solution is created to meet your needs perfectly.

Ready to elevate your learning experience? Get started today and enrol yourself! Or contact us to find out more.

Principal Foundation Empathy Course 
4 CPD hours Comprehensive course

Designed for anyone in the Health sector with interest in complaints, incidents PSIRF and the Duty of Candour

Carolyn Cleveland and Participation Colleagues

With unique training content this Principal Foundation Course is the cornerstone of CCET's E-Learning portfolio. It features thought-provoking material filmed by Carolyn Cleveland, Founder of CCET, along with insights from three Participation Colleagues who attended a live session. It provides a comprehensive and thought-provoking journey to examine empathy, civility, psychological safety and personal well-being. Join Carolyn and meet Masooma, Matt, and Liz, as they accompany you on your learning journey and provide immersive training as close to live training as you could get. 

This course can be adapted for non healthcare related.

"This course was very moving and informative and I enjoyed having 3 participation colleagues thoughts and insights. I enjoyed awakening my thoughts and my emotions moving through each chapter of the course, understanding not only my own journey but others with regards to empathy and emotional awareness."

"This is really a needed course for everybody in their personal and professional life. Through out the course the content was really great. It is must do  training for personal and professional development. Thank you so much for putting all these efforts to make this training interesting an interactive."

A Journey Through Complaints and Incidents Using Empathy and Compassion

Suitable for all health and legal professionals. Linking into PSIRF, Duty of Candour, psychological safety and civility.

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Set out in chapters, learners travel with Carolyn and their participation colleagues to go beyond theoretical, moreover, to feel and explore their own emotional responses, and expand their mind from mere information but true understanding. 

Skills Enhancement Workshops
30 - 40 minute duration. Bitesize informative sessions

Our Short Skills Enhancement Workshops are designed to complement the Principal Foundation Empathy Course while also offering standalone value.


These sessions focus on specific areas where skills can be enhanced, providing participants with a deeper understanding and the opportunity to develop their thinking, mindset, and practices.

Designed to be completed within short timeframes, these workshops maintain the personal touch that Carolyn's training is renowned for. Whether you're looking to build on your existing knowledge or explore new topics independently, our workshops offer a convenient and engaging learning experience

Reading, Hearing and Responding to the Emotional Component

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This short workshop will guide you through reading hearing and responding to the emotional component within complaints and concerns. 

Navigating the Challenges of Authentic Apologies

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This short workshop will dig deeper around apologies. What do they mean. What should they convey. How do they feel and what makes them hard.

Recognising and Developing Your Emotional Resilience

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This short workshop will explore resilience in an open and honest way. It will support recognising resilience in yourself and how you can develop in, exploring the narrative we give ourselves. Recognising our successes and self compassion..

Choose Your Course Access Options

1) Individual Enrolments:

Enrol directly from our website to easily pay and access 1 or more of these interactive certificated courses. Within minutes you can be starting your course today. (Payment by card via Stripe).


2) Organisational Programmes:

Organisations can request any combination of training programs for both small and larger groups and be invoiced. These programs combine various courses allowing you to customize the training to fit your specific organisational needs or teams needs. For groups over 30, individual home pages can be set up for your organisation. 


3) Bespoke C&C Empathy Training Licences:

Our courses are developed using SCORM files, ensuring compatibility with your in-house LMS. C&C Empathy Training can work with you to provide 

yearly licences that allows access to our courses to sit within your learning platform (example to have as part of your induction programme). Carolyn Cleveland, course creator, will liaise with you directly to customise the programmes to fit your LMS with integration support to ensure a smooth set up process. 

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