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Compassionately engaging with empathy
Neuroscience, the mind and empathy
Doing e-learning
Journey Through Complaints and Incidents Using Empathy and Compassionate Engagement

Linking into the Patient Safety Incident Response Framework (PSIRF), Complaints Standards Framework and the Duty of Candour

E-learning with a difference!

Thought provoking training, that has all the feel of being part of a live session with rich discussion, but with the flexibility to complete over a month, anywhere, at anytime, for professional and personal development.

Worth 4 CPD hours with Certificate of Completion and supportive training material


Suitable for: Complaints Managers / PALS Officers / Family Liaison Officers /PSIRF Implementation Leads Learning Response Leads / Front-line staff Management and executive teams  / Students /  All healthcare professionals wanting to understand and up skill safely in empathy, compassion, civility and personal well-being within complaints, incidents, leadership,  communication and culture.

This engaging and authentic course will build confidence to compassionately engage with empathy within complaints and incidents. Understanding the complexities of emotions to create a just, fair and learning culture. Hear authentic and honest discussions from Founder of C&C Empathy Training, Carolyn Cleveland and your Participation Colleagues, Matt, Masooma and Liz, as they, along with you explore and understand what psychological and second harm can look like and what may be needed by those affected by complaints and incidents,. Along with the neuroscience and exploring perspectives and biases, the real value of your own personal well-being will be examined, to support long term empathic and compassionate engagement along with your resilience.

‘Engagement leads must have the competencies to actively listen, show openness, demonstrate empathy and create rapport with those affected.’

PSIRF – Engaging and involving patients, families and staff following a patient safety incident

“I had my knowledge and understanding around this multi-layered topic truly opened. A thought-provoking and relevant training programme for anyone in a complaints or governance role. I highly recommend this course.” Cheryl Saggers, Manager across law enforcement, the NHS and education

E-learning healthcare complaints and incidents brochure

Special Offer for NHS staff

To offer NHS providers support during the launch of PSIRF and focus on compassionate

engagement and well-being, C&C Empathy Training Ltd is offering a 15% discount on this course for 100 healthcare professionals from any NHS organisation.

Sign up for your place below. Copy and enter the coupon code PSIRFlaunch2023

at checkout, to apply the discount.

£167.75 inclusive of VAT. Normally £195. Inclusive of workbook to keep, certification, and an optional live Q&A follow up session with Carolyn Cleveland. Places limited.

If you are interested in more than one person being booked on this course, email Carolyn directly to apply the discounted code for a multiple booking

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Purchase Your  Course

Anytime, Anywhere Training

Suitable for individual course enrolment. Copy and enter the coupon code PSIRFlaunch2023

at checkout, to apply the discount.

Key Learning Outcomes:

  • Feel, analyse, and explore the presence and absence of empathy and compassionate engagement within a real life scenario to be able to go beyond compliance with the new Patient Safety Incident Response Framework compassionately engaging with patients families and staff .The Duty of Candour to prevent prolonged psychological harm and the Complaints Standards Framework for being a just fair and learning organisation

  • See the bigger picture to have an enquiring mind to understand the story presented to us by others to tease out the emotional data and improve learning and experience. Examine how the ‘Funnel of Life’ can impact on our ability to engage and assess our empathy and compassion

  • Build confidence working with the bereaved and vulnerable patients families and staff. Exploring how our emotional positioning influences how we see something

  • Understand the difference between empathy, sympathy and apathy. Analyse how a lack of empathy and psychological safety during interactions can cause psychological harm.

  • How to help achieve meaningful resolutions and reach a ‘Safeguarded Personal Resolution’ ® to be able to learn lessons with deeper understanding

  • Understand yourself better to safeguard your own mental health and personal well-being

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