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Welcome to your E-learning Empathy Training Preview Page

You are no doubt on this page because you have been contacted by Training Made Easy, or clicked on the trailer link in the Empathy E-Learning PDF and would like a preview. 

C&C Empathy Training and Founder, Carolyn Cleveland, is one of Training Made Easy's trusted facilitators, running face to face and virtual sessions around empathy, complaints, patient safety incidents, psychological safety, civility and resilience.

Now Training Made Easy can arrange for you, or your staff from your organisation, to access Carolyn's unique experiential training, 'A Journey Through Complaints and Incidents Using Empathy and Compassionate Engagement'- linking into PSIRF, Duty of Candour and the Complaints Standards Framework, via a fully online modular format and E-learning platform,

without losing the feel of a live session.

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Let's recap on why?

 Arranging live sessions for 20 people at a time, for a large number of staff, can limit the amount of staff trained.

Or you struggle to release staff, so end up having sessions arranged but not able to be fully attended?

You would still like training that has the experience of a live session with real, authentic and thought provoking discussions, and where the attendee can feel part of a group!

You are in the right place to find out more.

Below is a video version of a small sample of empathy E-learning, so that you can get some understanding of the look and feel of this training.

 Please note, this is a video, so this preview is not interactive as the full course would be, but for previewing purposes only.

To link back to the PDF interactive document to share and revisit the information, click on the document image

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Want to know

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To arrange a meeting to discuss your needs. To ask further questions. Or to see more examples of the training

Email Training Made Easy directly to discuss further.

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